Recreational vehicle traffic detection system POSI-TRAIL. (Patent pending)

POSI-TRAIL is a traffic detection unit for Snowmobiles, Quads, and other Off-road vehicles. The unit contains RF reception and broadcasting capability, and thus capable of detecting surrounding traffic within a 600 meters range – and so giving warning to the driver of an off-road vehicle that other vehicles are present in the nearby environment.

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POSI-TRAIL has been developed to monitor and detect surrounding vehicle traffic. This capability provides drivers of recreational vehicles, such as snowmobiles and quads, with continuous information of surrounding traffic – thus making it possible to reduce speed preventively and to prepare for potential crossing with on-coming vehicles.

POSI-TRAIL will be an important new product in 2019 for the Snowmobile and Quad sport users. As more and more users will equip their vehicles with POSI-TRAIL the safer the driving environment will become.

The traffic monitor POSI-TRAIL from Surpro Industries Inc. is compact, practical and simple to use.

POSI-TRAIL allows you to concentrate on and enjoy fully the driving of your vehicle while maintaining full control and being aware of surrounding traffic.

INSTALLATION: POSI-TRAIL is to be installed within the driver’s easy field of vision while driving.

PRACTICAL: Your detector will warn you when one or more vehicles (also equiped with Posi-Trail) is detected
within a distance of 200 to 600 meters from your vehicle, in any direction like snowmobiles, ATVs, trail grommers, emergency vehicules and danger zones.

SIMPLE: Easy to see the POSI-TRAIL color signals – indicating continuously the traffic activity present in your driving environment.

The monitor will also identify the type of vehicles within your surroundings; snowmobiles, quads, snow groomers, emergency vehicles, danger trail features. See the product guide and the operating instructions.

With POSI-TRAIL you will not depend on manual signals nor need to use your hands to make manual signals. Both your hands will be free to operate your steering handle.

Vehicles equipped with POSI-TRAIL will be aware of the presence of surrounding traffic – the presence of one or more vehicles – of surfacing machines – of emergency vehicles. (The color codes will keep you informed at all times).


  Solid green – Monitor active, no other vehicles within surroundings
  Solid red – One other vehicle within surroundings
  Flashing red – More than one vehicle within surroundings
  Flashing red & blue – Presence of snow groomer within surroundings
  Flashing red & purple – Presence of emergency vehicle within surroundings
  Solid yellow – You are in a convoy with no other vehicle present within surroundings (if you leave the convoy for longer than 15 minutes – if you then return – you will be identified as a new vehicle)
  Flashing red & Yellow – Danger point on trail

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